The flame of passion burns within my soul

“The flame of passion burning within my soul

I took a pause and woke up from my slumber.”

Every second of our life offers us millions of opportunities to either surrender ourselves to the fate of grief and failure or to challenge all the obstacles that stop us from accomplishing our goals. Have we ever wondered what compels us to fulfill our dreams and ambitions? It’s the flame of passion that generates the stimulation within us to overpower all the hurdles and overcome all the challenges of life with zeal and optimism and also gain success and pleasure at every stage of life.

Passion gives us endless mirth and satisfaction with ourselves and our lives. It is that will power which can turn the game to our favour even when we are at the peak of failure. Passion creates a feeling of thrill and enthusiasm in us that enhances our capabilities to break the ice wherever and whenever possible. There are many students who have numerous weaknesses in many subjects. Most of them either don’t even bother to look at the notes of the weak subjects or they try and give up in the middle of it all. If a student has an intense passion for study and has a will power to achieve his future goals then no cross can interfere in that student’s life to overcome his weaknesses. The passion within us transforms our weaknesses into strengths. Nobody is born perfect. It’s our mistakes and our passion to learn from our mistakes that make us better than our own expectations.

“Holding my dignity and respect in my fist,

Climbing the mountains of success,

Passion drew me closer to victory,

The day my failure became a huge success.”

Passion is a blessing in disguise of triumph. It enters our life for a moment and fills our life with zeal to live and accomplish our set objectives. It might have a scanty lifetime yet its role in our lives is highly commendable and appreciable. It neither demands anything nor does it have high expectations from us. It only cheers us up to make the best of all that we can. Without the passion of winning, we will lose even if we are at the peak of success. But if we have the zeal to win then we can be victorious even when we are playing a lost game. So be a passionate person to be a successful person.

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