Author Interview: Vivek Kasi

Storytelling is very personal, so find your own way and try to be unique in the way you write rather than what you write.

Vivek Kasi

In the field of Literature, there are many Indian authors who are soaring high towards success. I’m glad to say that I’ve got the opportunity to interview one such exceptional author who has already made a huge imprint on every reader’s soul with his book. Mr Vivek Kasi, the author of ‘A Cursed Angel,’ is a businessman who writes stories to highlight the problems with norms and standards in our society and the ways to resolve them.

Interview Session with Vivek Kasi

When did the thought of writing a book first strike your mind?

From the start, I love story telling so that inculcated a sense of interest towards writing unknowingly. In 2017, I thought why not we can write a simple story which is not complicated and not too long to read. So that’s when my first book came into picture.

Describe your journey from a ‘writer’ to an ‘author’

In my college days, I used to write story line and dialogues for short films for my friends which improved my instincts towards conversational writing. So when I thought of writing a book I never intended to publish it but as it unraveled the story came so beautifully and most of my family members and friends told it’s a great read. So that’s when I thought why not we publish it and that’s the beginning.

What inspired you to write the book?

Specifically this is my second book “A Cursed angel” and it is very special to me for two reasons one being it is taken from many true incidents that happened to many girls in and near our life which we fail to see and secondly this book challenged me as a writer for me being a guy and write the story line as a girl. The journey of writing this story in a girls perspective opened me towards new learnings.

What makes your book different from books under the same category?

In this I can proudly say that my book stands at an unique place although the part of sexual assaults was touched by many authors at many times in their writings but what they actually target is brutality. My book is to point at the subtler issues of sexual assault which was endured by most of the girls which are not too big to say them out and definitely not too small to just move on. These subtler issues are ignored mostly which is not right as these also create a lifelong mark for that girl which we fail to understand.

What was your reaction when you held the first copy of this book in your hand?

When I took and read the first copy I was really proud of the output actually. It’s lovely to see a character written come into life with a beautiful narration.

Who is your role model and why?

For me my parents are my role model. The knowledge and writing capability and interest towards art everything came from them and they have taught me many extra ordinary life lessons which indeed reflects in the way I write.

Do you believe in miracles? Please share an incident in your life that makes you feel so?

Yes I do believe in miracles. Those are gods way of saying that he exists. I have rather experienced a collection of small miracles in my life.

What are your other hobbies besides writing?

I love photography and most of the times I want to run away and hit the streets with my camera.

When are you planning to launch your next book?

Still not planned yet I was very busy in handling this book launch itself. But I have a story in my mind which is a Sci-Fi Thriller which would be very interesting and very advanced. So I want to take my time in doing proper research before I pen it down.

What message would you like to give to the aspiring writers?

I didn’t become that big that I can give messages but I want to say one thing for sure to every aspiring writer. Don’t follow any writer’s way, storytelling is very personal so find your own way and try to be unique in the way u write rather than what you write. Maybe you can write a better love story than Romeo Juliet who knows.

What are your views about our website ‘Dimple Bloom?’

I should surely mention I was surprised when I was searching for best reviewers and I found such a young person writing many reviews which were intriguing. I really admire the way Dimple Singh expresses her review point. Keep going Dimple Bloom.

I would like to offer a huge vote of thanks to Mr Vivek Kasi for taking out time from his busy schedule for the interview. It was a great interview session as the answers given by the author were interesting as well as inspiring. I congratulate him for his book and also wish him luck for his future.

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